Friday, May 1, 2009

Marriage TOC

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This is the Table of Contents for posts on the marriage series.  You can bookmark this page so that you can come back and read the articles at your own pace.  This is a series describing my approach in working with couples on their marriage.  I hope you find the information useful to you as well. 

Marriage Essentials (Introduction)
Investing in relationship (What's in it for me?)
Communicating for understanding
Communication (A Biblical Perspective)
Listening, Validation, and Edification
Your Character and My Needs
My Character
Your Needs
Emotional Intimacy
Emotional Intimacy (Continued)

Physical Intimacy (Non-Sexual)

Intimacy Lost
Spiritual Intimacy
Spiritual Intimacy (Continued)
Two Barriers to Sexual Intimacy
Sexual Trauma
Sexual Intimacy (True and False Contrasted)
Sexual Intimacy according to the Bible
Sexual Intimacy according to the Bible II
Sexual Intimacy according to the Bible III
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