Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To My Financial Peace University Friends (The Dreaded Monthly Budget)

I am putting a link for two different copies of the budget for you to download.  They are in Microsoft Excel (Running a promotion to try it free for 60 days) format so you will need to have a spread sheet software that can open that file.  If you do not have Microsoft and do not plan on buying it anytime soon, you can get Open Office which is the "free and open productivity suite" and will open these files as well (I use Open Office).

The Equity and Budget Worksheet

This work sheet helps you to put your debts and value of your assets that are securing those debts.  For example you can put the total amount of your mortgage balance and the market value of you home.   If you plug everything in it should give you a close approximation of your net worth.  The other half is the monthly budget.  You can hide column B and C when you are working on the budget. Download Here.


Budget Only

This worksheet is for the budget only.  I figured that the free spirits would rather have the just give it to me basic and that mixing the two would just add confusion.  Nerds you can always come back and do the combo sheet ;-)

Download Here



Happy Budgeting