Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meditation: Integrity Between the Message and Messenger

2 Corinthians 4:2

Paul is sharing the context of the gospel to his generation.  He is explaining that the gospel is veiled to those that do not believe, but the veil is removed for those that do believe.  He adds that he is a minister of this message. 

Key words
Renounced, Not walking in deceit, not distorting, commending, open, truth

Paul is saying that they have renounced those things that are evil done in secret.  Secret sin destroys the messenger and makes them unavailable to share the message of Christ.  He also is saying that the Gospel is an open book.  There is not a need for marketing, deception, or distortion to get people to believe.  What is needed is a commendable messenger to bring the open message.  It is a display of God's truth that the world needs not cleaver argument or persuasive words.  If the messenger and the message do not match then there is something seriously wrong. And most will reject the message without giving it a second thought.  What is more they will remain veiled to the truth and the lack of integrity of the messenger will be another layer on that veil.  We have a high responsibility to live holy lives.  Others depends on it.  Fortunately we have the spirit of God that will empower us for this glorious mission. 

God Bless You

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