Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meditation: Overcoming Suffering with the Power of God

2 Timothy 1:8

Paul encouraging Timothy.

Key Words
Testimony, Lord, suffering, Power of God.

In this life I am invited to suffer for the cause of Christ.  Shame brings a type of suffering, but in this case not one that is in the power of the Lord, but in the power to avoid pain.  It is deceptive though because the pain is not really avoided at all.  It is merely denied.  Have you been ashamed of gospel, others that suffer because of the message, or perhaps at your own suffering.  Search your heart.  The pain is still there with all covering of denial.  Solution?  Embrace suffering, receive the moment from God as a gift.  Sure if it helps your theology you can say, "God does not intend for it to be this way."  Never the less receive the moment of suffering for Christ and trust in the power of God (The Gospel of Jesus Christ). 

Have a Blessed Day