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Meditation: Know, Serve, Seek

John Chrysostom and Aelia Eudoxia

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1 Chronicles 28:9

David is commissioning his son Solomon to build the Temple in Jerusalem.

Key Words
Know, Serve, Whole, Willing, Seek

In my last post I talked about running away from our pet sin.  However, running from sin is not the only needed action.  We need to be running to something.  That is to God through Jesus Christ.

David is about to give Solomon one of the most important public works tasks of his future kingship.  However Solomon needed to be in the right place spiritually to take on this task.  He starts by telling him to "Know God."  This is an intimate knowledge of God.  This type of knowing is a relationship that is close (like a marriage ought to be).  We need to have this same knowing of Christ in our relationship with Him.  Next David moved to serving God.  Service to God is  the highest human endeavor.  It is a act that can be performed everyday.  It can even be accomplished in your daily work (Colossians 3:23-24).  Serving God in all things is a way to grow in intimacy as well as to be found a faithful servant and receive greater purpose.  What is more service please our God and it is good.

Do you seek any further reward beyond that of having pleased God? In truth, you know not how great a good it is to please Him."
John Chrysostom
347-407 a.d.

This service is to be with a whole heart.  Wholeness is a attribute that is fullness, completeness, maturity, with a full grasp of the task at hand.  And a willing mind.  Sometimes we do what is right, but only begrudgingly.  This type of right action is shallow, lacking genuineness, it also robs of joy.  I no longer feel good about doing the right thing, but rather I am avoiding feeling worse by doing the wrong thing.  It is a form of hedonism in that I do things based on whether they make me feel better or keep me from feeling worse.  In truth without willingness it is not pleasing to God.  Take a step back allow God to examine the heart and transform your mind.  Allow Him to measure the integrity of your ways.  In this you will be seeking the Lord.  He will find you and give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).  Which means He will place the desire for and be the fulfillment of your life. 

We cannot play games here.  God is slow to anger and rich in loving kindness.  However, this verse ends with a grave warning, "If you forsake Him (God), He will reject you forever."  Presuming upon the riches of God's grace is a gamble that far too many are willing to engage.  It is time to repent of this haughty spirit and humble ourselves before the Lord while today is still today. 

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