Friday, June 12, 2009

Some days

Sorry Amy: I forgot to put out the garbage.

OK if any of you are husbands let me give you some advice. It's about the

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Garbage!!!! Take it out!!!!

I guess what I am saying is do not let the important moments slip away by being distracted with trash. If something needs to be thrown away do it now. Don't wait. Do it now!!! Did I say do it now?

All to often we fail to notice and take responsibility on the small things. We are so focused on the "greater things" that we miss the small stuff. Often the greater things are rubbish in God's eyes and the small things are what really matters to Him.

But what things were to me gains, these I have counted, because of the Christ, loss; yes, indeed, and I count all things to be loss, because of the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, because of whom of the all things I suffered loss, and do count them to be refuse, that Christ I may gain, and be found in him, (Philippians 3:7-8; YLT)

So tonight, spend some time with God and show His love to others by hugging someone you love, calling a friend, playing with the kids, or sending an email to a family member, but please please please don't forget to take out the garbage. You did not really need it anyway and you will save a trip to the dump later.

Now I get to go to the dump tomorrow. Well at least my son and I will get to have fun (he is still young enough to enjoy the dump). Plus I had fun turning it into an object lesson.

God Bless You