Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time to stop going through the motions

I just want to praise God for all that he does in my life. He is blessed me beyond what I can

God's GraceImage by tomsaint11 via Flickr

imagine or deserve. I am humbled for I am unworthy of His Grace and Mercy and yet.. He continues to bless. I will never stop in my awe and wonder of who He is. God has been showing me how to take my walk to the next level. It requires greater faith. It requires greater courage. It requires greater love. It requires greater commitment. Yet if He calling me to this walk I say AMEN. Lord Send me.

I have been talking with some friends and family. I have been experiencing God's Holy Spirit as I read the Bible. My eyes are being opened at church. I have seen the power of God working in the lives of the people that come to me for counsel. It is all amazing and humbling. That God would consider me to be a part of what He is doing in others lives. It is a blessing as well. One thing that God has shown to me is that in order to go deeper in my faith there are some things that I must become more passionate about. First is my love for God. There is no holding back. I have to give my all to this pursuit. Second loving others. Not just words, but deeds. I think of this song "The Motions".

The Matthew West gives a a strong challenge to each one of us to make a genuine life change and that is what I am talking about here. We are lost without God. So when we play God as second in our lives, then we will always be asking, “What if...?” Let me ask you. Are you ready to take it all the way with God. If you are post a comment here and then let me know as God reveals His Greatness to you. I am looking for a mighty movement of God! Are you?

Bless you all.



snookdude said...


I am walking with God daily. May our walk of faith be totally lead of the Holy Spirit. Lord you are my calm in the storms of life.

God bless you BJ and God's work in your life.

Greg Wiley said...

Hello BJ,you dont know me but you know of me. My name is Greg Wiley and I am your Moms cousin in Phoenix.A short note to let you know that Cindi and my wife Carol are having a great time together and Steve cindi and carol and I are taking good care of each other. The Lord is with us all continously, blessing our every breath. Jesus Christ is my first and last thought every single day and its never felt so wonderful to be so loved.God bless you BJ on your journey.Greg Wiley

Anonymous said...

I'm in! I feel that I am being led by God daily, however there are always things I can consciously work on to get away from going through
the motions as you had stated. I have chosen a few things and will let you know where He has led me in those pursuits.