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Happy Mother's Day

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Proverbs 31 is an acrostic using the Hebrew alphabet.  It is instruction on how we (men) are to honor our wives.  It also says a good deal about motherhood.  I rewrote the Acrostic using the English alphabet and modernized it.  Hope you enjoy!

A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth more than jewels

Broad is her husband's confidence in her
He is a blessed man!

Continually she is good for him
Guarding him from pitfalls of life.

Diligently she seeks clothing
She makes certain her children are clothed

Every week she seeks out deals.
Buying groceries she never tires or gives up.

Food is always in the refrigerator.
Her family is never hungry.

Going and going she is always at work,
Her endurance lasts until evening and then into the night

Happy is she when she seeks and finds a good price
Her talent for this is beyond words

Investing time and money in her family,
She never quits or gives up.

Juggling her many chores and responsibilities
She gives her all and then continues.

Keeping busy, the laundry never ceases
The dishes do not wash themselves.

Load after Load, wash after wash
And yet she does this without many complaints

Most of the time she opens her doors
To what seems like all the neighborhood children.

Needy children she helps
To poor families she extends her hand.

Outside in the winter her children are not cold.
She ensures that they do not leave without their coats.

Pulling sheets off the bed and replacing them
In spite of her work she is always dressed in fine clothes

Quick are others to point out,
the benefit of such a mother and wife.

Reliable is she when she works
Her employers give her praise.

Strength and dignity belong to her.
In loyalty and good character she is not lacking.

Today, hopefulness is in her eyes
She does not despair for the future

Unending are her wise statements
Her good advice refreshes the soul.

Victory belongs to her home
She never ceases in guarding her family

Wealthy is the woman whose children give many thanks
And when her husband cherishes her great worth

Xerox produces many cheap copies
But your wife and mother are priceless and irreplaceable

Young beauty fades, Charm is shallow
But a woman that follows Christ should be praised

Zealous in giving her honor, we should be.
We should honor her in public as well!

Happy Mother's Day!

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