Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meditation: Drink, Eat, Heal, and Serve

Revelation 22:1-3

John is sharing a vision of heaven. 

Key Words
Living Water, Throne of God and the Lamb, Tree of Life, No...Curse

The image of life giving water flowing from the Throne of God and His Son Jesus Christ is quite astounding.  This river flows through the city and waters a tree so large that it roots are on both sides of this living river.  This tree is the tree of life.  It's fruit brings a perpetual harvest every month.  It's leaves have the power to heal.  The curse is removed, and God's people serve Him. 

This is an amazing picture of what will be.  I also believe that it is symbolic of what can be now in our lives.  Follow my logic if you will.  Jesus is the source living water (John 4:13-14).  This living water is flowing into our lives giving life.  God's wisdom is a tree of life to those that embrace it (Proverbs 3:18).  God's wisdom is ready at all times in season and out of season and is perpetually producing a harvest.  This Wisdom is healing to the world.  When we drink of Christ, and Eat of God's wisdom the curse is removed from our lives.  We are called to serve Him. 

This life with all it's imperfections is an opportunity to learn and grow in order that we would be prepared for the next life.  We need to drink, eat, heal, remove curse, and serve. 

Have a Blessed Day