Friday, June 4, 2010

Meditation: Suffering Exalted Servant

La Passione di Riccardo

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Isaiah 52:13-53:12
This passage will take several posts.  This post deals with Isaiah 52:13-15

Isaiah is discussing the salvation of Israel.  In the midst of this presentation he inserts the "suffering servant."  In the context of the whole Bible (Old and New Testaments) this suffering servant is Jesus Christ.

Key Words
My Servant, act wisely, raised, lifted up, exalted, disfigured, sprinkle, see, understand.

Jesus is the one that acts wisely.  He was raised from the dead.  He has been lifted up and exalted. In His crucifixion He was so completely beaten up as to be unrecognized as being a human being.  What is so completely amazing to me is that He did that for me.  His suffering was for me.  To demonstrate His/God's love for me.  His suffering was for you.  Praise Jesus our Lord.  I exalt Him in my life.   Making Him the very center of my life my all in all. 

This suffering was the spilling of blood.  That blood is sprinkled on many people (nations).  The purpose of that sprinkling was for purification.  He shuts the mouths of leaders, He reveals truth and understanding to those that have not heard before.  There is a blessedness that comes from opening your mind and your heart to hear from God.  He tends to break in at the most interesting moments rarely when it is expected.  Overwhelming joy and peace that comes from God's revelation is unsurpassed by any earthly pleasure. 

God reveal Your Truth, Give understanding, cover us with the sprinkling that purifies our hearts.  Lead us into the way everlasting.  In Jesus Name AMEN.

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