Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on Anger Series

Well I am going to stop promising when I am going to post on anger.  I think it will be a series (God willing).  Every time I look into God's word on this subject I discover a new facet that I did not know was there before.  One thing that I am learning is that anger is far from a simple emotion.  It is a complex highly nuanced emotion.  In my training as a counselor I had been taught that anger is a autonomic response to real or perceived threats.  That is true to the extent that the anger is rooted in a threat, but I am finding the the sort of animalistic (evolutionary?) explanation of primal instinct is far from accurate to describe the whole subject.  As I am reflecting on this I think that perhaps this is why the field of counseling has such a difficult time treating anger problems.  Our view is overly simplistic.  Any way these are some of the thoughts rambling through my brain for what it is worth.  I will post as soon as I have something that is understandable and not rambling (like this post).

May God richly bless you all!